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Welcome to the new

Welcome one and all to the new website for Total Escape Games! We're thrilled that you've been with us for this journey through the last ten years, and we're excited to begin a new digital era for Total Escape Games! Over the last decade it's been our honor to serve so many of you through our brick and mortar location, and today we're thrilled to share our new website, where you'll see regular updates through this blog about exciting new releases, upcoming and past events, and all manner of exciting things going on in your favorite game store! This new website is very much a work in progress, but we're going to keep working on it! Some things you can expect include: - A webstore that doesn't ship anything. We'll be adding items to the webstore solely so that you can be up to date on exciting new preorder opportunities! You'll still have to come visit us to order them and pick them up! (This may change in the future. We make no promises. It might be fun to ship things.) - A Google event calendar. The Google event calendar was created and placed live on the old website, and we're thrilled to see it functioning the way we want it on this new site!

- A "Sell to Us" tab. Total Escape Games has been buying and selling previously loved gaming merchandise for nearly three years now, from RPG books to miniature gaming models and board games, both recent and vintage. Use the Contact Form to set an appointment to sell those board games you don't play anymore and grab some new ones! (In the near future this Sell to Us tab will also incorporate buy lists for all of those product lines, things we're actively looking to buy and paying a little more for!) - Online Event Registration We hope to soon be able to accept event registration and payment through this online portal! It's a work in progress, but will make it easier to grab a seat at a major event! Thanks for being with us! We look forward to the next decade together!

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