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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours?

We're open seven days a week, and besides snow days are only closed for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. Our hours are 10:30a to 9:30p Monday through Saturday, and 11:30a to 7:30p on Sunday.

Do you host events?

Yes, we do host events almost every day! Whether you're looking for Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, Star Wars, RPGs, or Board Games, we have something for you! Check the calendar tab for more details, or join our Discord for faster updates.

How do I pre-order a product?

You can pre-order in a number of ways! If it's a prominent upcoming release (think Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and other big brands) we will have that pre-order available through the shop tab. Otherwise, you can always pre-order in the store, over the phone, or by email to

Which collectible card games do you support?

We currently carry sealed Magic the Gathering products from many sets from the previous 3 years and singles. We also carry sealed Pokemon product including booster packs, boxes, and Elite Trainer Boxes. Flesh & Blood is new to the lineup, including Blitz decks, booster packs, and sealed boxes/cases. We will be carrying Lorcana upon release on August 18th, as well!

What's your Magic trade-in rate?

We take in Magic the Gathering singles based on TCGplayer Market Pricing. For store credit, you'll get 60% on cards over $2. Under $2, we may not take the card, otherwise we'll pay our bulk rate of $0.10 per card. In cash, you'll get 40% on most singles over $2. We won't generally take singles under $2 for cash, and high-end cards (over $100) are eligible for a custom quote.

How can I ask you to pull MTG singles for me?

If your list is relatively short (think under 15 cards), you're more than welcome to stop by whenever you're able. For longer lists, or for added convenience, we appreciate if you send your lists to us by email or by using our contact form. If you send your list digitally, it allows us to prep it for you ahead of time, let you know the missing cards and total, and notify you once it's ready.

Which paint racks do you carry?

We carry a wide assortment of paint and hobby accessories and tools. The current racks we offer are the full Citadel range, Pro Acryl, Scale 75, The Army Painter (technique & airbrush), Vallejo Game Color, Turbo Dork, Green Stuff World, and Two Thin Coats

Do you sell video games?

We are not currently carrying videogames or videogame accessories. We don't have any immediate plans to carry them either, but will update the website if that changes!

Additional questions?

Check out the contact page

or reach out to us by phone at (303) 482-1829

or by email at

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