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Wilds of Eldraine Prerelease Weekend


How to get the most out of the upcoming Magic release

Wilds of Eldraine is nearly here, and we've got a few details to highlight for the weekend.

First off, if you're looking to play a non-Magic game using our space this weekend, please call ahead. Prerelease tends to be an especially busy time for us, and there's no guarantee we'll have extra space.

Second, if you are a Magic player, we're so excited to see you this weekend! Wilds of Eldraine is looking absolutely stunning. If you haven't already seen the spoilers (and want to), you can follow this link to check them out. We're especially excited for the Enchanting Tales reprints in the seat, featuring cards such as Doubling Season and Necropotence.

Necropotence as an Enchanting Tale MTG card
Necropotence -Enchanting Tales

In addition to all the awesome cards, we have a variety of events throughout the weekend. Check out the schedule below, or pop over to our calendar page for more details and preregistration.


6p prerelease - $29.99


10a prerelease - $29.99

4p prerelease - $29.99


11a two-headed giant prerelease - $29.99 each

6p prerelease - $29.99

You can also still pre-order Wilds of Eldraine on our website. We'll have everything available for prerelease weekend as well, including booster boxes, packs, bundles, commander decks, and even singles!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

(303) 482-1829, or email us at

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