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This Week's Events


We have new events on the calendar!

We've just got a quick announcement this week: we're starting a Warhammer Escalation League this Friday, and we're hosted a sealed KeyForge tournament this Saturday!

It's also the 3rd Saturday of the month, meaning the Colorado Miniatures Painting Alliance (CMPA) are gracing us with their presence all day on Saturday. Feel free to stop by, get to know the community, and get some paint on your minis.

For your convenience, here's exactly what we have going on and when:

  • Starting this Friday at 4p, we're starting our Warhammer Escalation League. You can preregister on Fill and Fire.

  • The CMPA crew will be joining us all day on Saturday for open painting!

  • We're hosting a KeyForge Sealed tournament on Saturday at 11a. No preregistration for this one--walk-ins are welcome!

Besides that it's business as usual this week.

Happy gaming, and we'll see you all around!

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