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Navigating the Lorcana Release


Lorcana has us all excited, but there's a few important details to keep in mind

So, Disney Lorcana releases tomorrow morning. This is one of the most anticipated collectible card game releases in recent memory, and the game itself looks amazing from everything we've seen!

That said, Ravensburger is still new to the CCG arena, and there are some major product shortages this time around. We offered a limited number of pre-orders through our Discord server to reward our loyal customers who are an active part of our community.

Beyond that, we're choosing to hold back most of the product we received for events. We have a learn-to-play event on Friday night at 6p (August 18th), and our League starts on the 20th. As of writing this, we have three more spots available for the league, and the Friday event is for walk-ins with no preregistration. We've got starter decks set aside for both those events, and packs set aside for the League.

What that all means is, for now, there isn't much going on the shelf. We'll have booster packs, starter decks, and a small number of gift sets going out in the morning. We'll be limiting purchases to six packs per person per day, and up to one additional product (starter deck, for instance), to help ensure more people can try out the game.

We'll continue supporting Lorcana from here. We'll be getting a restock in September, and are planning to carry all upcoming releases. Ravensburger has turned their printers up to 11 to get more product in circulation.

These first few weeks are going to be wild--there won't be an abundance of cards, prices are going to be weird, and tournaments may be sparse. But we're committed to growing the community here in the Denver area, and will be running a whole host of events aimed towards casual play in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned for more, and we hope you enjoy this amazing new game in the meantime! We can't wait to see those of you playing in the League each Sunday, and see how your decks evolve.

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