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Temporary Closure

By order of the Governor, Total Escape Games is temporarily closed. We love what we do, and can't imagine doing anything else with our lives but sharing these hobbies we love with each of you. When it is safe to reopen, we look forward to doing so. Until that time, we invite you come visit with us, follow us, and enjoy our long distance commiseration in this time of quarantine. You can find us on Discord: You can follow us on Facebook: A variety of publishing partners have stepped up with profit-sharing for retailers during this time, and our friends at GAMA are maintaining list of publishers supporting FLGS during this. Publisher Incentive List If you're looking to spend some dollars right now, we encourage you to think of us while shopping with those publishers. We are also working on our eCommerce platform right now, and are hoping to start sending inventory live sometime in the first week of April. Missing you all, John Stephens General Manager

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