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Happy Eberron Day!

Today our friends at Wizards of the Coast release two new titles! First up, Eberron: Rising from the Last War

Created in 2002 by Keith Baker, Eberron was the winning setting in a contest held by Wizards of the Coast to find a new fantasy setting for Dungeons & Dragons. This beautiful special edition cover brings players and DMs into the world of Eberron, a fantasy world rich in elements of both pulp and dark adventure, and featuring some things we don't see often in Dungeons & Dragons; trains, skyships, and awesome mechanical beings that are powered by magic. Also releasing today we have Dungeons & Dragons Versus Rick and Morty.

The popular Rick & Morty show (which you can watch on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block). Rick and Morty hop through dimensions in the show, and now Wizards of the Coast and Adult Swim team up for this awesome adventure, all set up for a Dungeon Master to run up to five players through the hilarity that is Rick and Morty. Both of these great titles are on our shelves and available for pickup starting today! See you soon.

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