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Sales this Weekend!

Happy Black Friday! We hope you enjoyed a relaxing day surrounded by family, friends, and great board games. Now, it's time to fit all of our holiday shopping into a shorter period of time than normal? Let us help with Black Friday deals all weekend long! ALL WEEKEND LONG (While supplies last) Buy 2 - Get 1 Free! (from a special selection of mini games) These tiny games from IELLO are perfect for your camping trips, airplane rides, and anyplace you need a great game in a small space. Check out awesomepress-your-luck dice games like HIGH RISK, or dexterity games like NINJA ACADEMY. Buy any two Mini Games and choose from Kabuki, Nessos, or Candy Chaser for FREE! Buy Ishtar - Get a FREE B

WizKids Wave 10 Release Day

Just in time for the first shopping weekend of the holidays we get Wave 10 of the WizKids unpainted minis line! Featuring forty-one new miniatures, including the first Goliath player character, brand new Elementals, and a slew of new awesome scenery pieces, these minis make the perfect stocking stuffer for the role-player in your life. These wyrmlings are our favorite thing in the new line, and we're sure they're going to go quickly, so don't wait long (even though we ordered pretty deep on them). These dragons will all find a home before the season is ended. These new minis are on sale right now!

Snow Day

Due to inclimate weather, Total Escape Games is CLOSED today, 26 NOV, 2019. We typically make decisions like this based on three local factors; the Broomfield County Combined Courts, the Broomfield Municipal Offices, and Boulder County Schools (which encompasses Broomfield High School). If two of these three entities closes completely, or makes the decision to close early or open late, we examine whether or not it is safe for us to open. The Broomfield County Combined Courts and Boulder County Schools are both closed today. For the safety of our staff and our customers we are following their example. Please stay home, stay safe, and play some awesome games.

Happy Eberron Day!

Today our friends at Wizards of the Coast release two new titles! First up, Eberron: Rising from the Last War Created in 2002 by Keith Baker, Eberron was the winning setting in a contest held by Wizards of the Coast to find a new fantasy setting for Dungeons & Dragons. This beautiful special edition cover brings players and DMs into the world of Eberron, a fantasy world rich in elements of both pulp and dark adventure, and featuring some things we don't see often in Dungeons & Dragons; trains, skyships, and awesome mechanical beings that are powered by magic. Also releasing today we have Dungeons & Dragons Versus Rick and Morty. The popular Rick & Morty show (which you can watch on Carto

New Releases - 8 NOV 2019

Happy Friday! One of the many things we wanted to do with the new website was better keep you apprised of both new and upcoming releases, both so you can place preorders and guarantee you get things you want, and so that you can see things we're excited about that maybe you missed. Here are some of today's exciting new releases! KeyForge: Worlds Collide The third set for KeyForge releases today, featuring 284 new cards and an inconceivable number of decks. The new set is available in individual decks for $9.95 per deck, or in the Premium Box for $39.95. Catan:Starfarers In the 3rd millennium you and your fellow Catanians reach for the stars in this beautiful reboot of the popular Starfare

Welcome to the new

Welcome one and all to the new website for Total Escape Games! We're thrilled that you've been with us for this journey through the last ten years, and we're excited to begin a new digital era for Total Escape Games! Over the last decade it's been our honor to serve so many of you through our brick and mortar location, and today we're thrilled to share our new website, where you'll see regular updates through this blog about exciting new releases, upcoming and past events, and all manner of exciting things going on in your favorite game store! This new website is very much a work in progress, but we're going to keep working on it! Some things you can expect include: - A webstore that d

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